Career Opportunities

Research Analyst I, Chinese Market



  • Research market conditions of the Chinese markets and audiences; perform quantitative and qualitative research and analysis on Chinese-speaking households and/or the Chinese community in the U.S.
  • Collect information on the target market and audiences, understand client objectives, and determine key performance indicators.
  • Assist in creating a successful marketing campaign with proper strategy, tactics measurement and metrics that are best suited for the campaign goal and target audiences.
  • Conduct in-market research, survey and interview with the Chinese-speaking community, media partners and community based organizations; communicate regularly in Chinese to build rapport and connection.
  • Research the Chinese in-language marketing and media channels available in these markets; analyze Chinese media kits including creatives and placements; audit final marketing products including advertisements in Chinese.
  • Assist in preparing client ready marketing plan and marketing recommendation presentations.
  • Collect campaign performance data and results by setting up measurement and tracking on tools such as Google Analytics, DoubleClick or other web analytics.
    Collect performance reports and media reports that might be written in Chinese; gather information from the Chinese-language materials.
  • Analyze campaign performance data to determine how to better optimize the marketing campaign.
  • Prepare reports on campaign overall results, learnings and recommendations for presentations to client.

Bachelor’s degree in Communication or Marketing; courses taken in Advertising, and Marketing Concepts. Ability to communicate in Chinese, both verbally and in writing.

Position Location:
600 Stewart Street, Suite 800
Seattle, WA 98101

How to Apply:
Please send resume and cover letter to