Equality is 50/50

By August 26, 2017 About Us

Women’s Equality Day is a day to commemorate the passing of the 19th Amendment, in 1920, as well as to celebrate the efforts and contributions of women. Since women have been granted the right to vote, their voices have been elevated from the household to a national level, making their way into modern everyday society.

As a part of our agency’s mission, we strive to create meaningful dialogue that inspires communities and people; in order to achieve truly meaningful dialogue, diversity is essential. And what better way to diversify than to have 50% of our agency to be made up of women! We have women team members sitting throughout our offices in Seattle, Los Angeles, and New York. Come meet some of the driving forces of our agency!

Victoria Wong | Agency Mama

Heading the administration and finance department is Victoria Wong, our very own agency mama. Oftentimes working behind the scenes, Victoria deals with endless numbers, documents, and forms to make sure our agency’s wheels continue to turn. While our client partners don’t normally hear from Victoria, our internal team can ensure you that when she speaks, Mama V gets heard.

Anna Kim | Event Guru

On the flip side of Victoria is Anna Kim, our event guru. While Victoria works behind the scenes, Anna is out and about talking to vendors, coordinating shipments, and making events happen. Sociable, organized, and futuristic, Anna plans out experiential events of all sizes. You can count on Anna to set up a tent bigger than herself and still rock out in heels.

Aileen Liao | Mastermind

Meet our perfect partner in crime, Aileen Liao, the mastermind who always thinks two steps ahead. Specializing in strategic planning, Aileen is the perfect sidekick for both our agency and client partners. No matter which position she is placed in, she leverages her forward-thinking nature to ensure success and continued growth for all her allies. When she is not at the forefront of our agency work, you can find her diving head-first into crates of records!