Our First Bite into the Big Apple

By September 18, 2015 October 20th, 2015 About Us, News


Multicultural Marketing Mecca

New York City – for everyone in advertising, it’s like going home. It’s a giant marketplace of ideas, executions and talent. Most importantly for our agency, it’s a massive mashup of cultures from everywhere in the world. 10 years into our agency’s adventure, we’ve finally opened our first NYC branch. We always do things a little bit different than “mainstream” advertising, so this reverse expansion – eastward – seems like the perfect expression of that.

TDW+Coast to Coast

With TDW+Co now literally reaching from sea to shining sea, we can better serve our growing list of clients, help them expand on the East Coast with more hand-on work, and of course, provide our expertise to new prospects. It’s far from a simple utilitarian choice – it’s about the growth of our ambitions and service. Our mission statement – to be the premier multicultural marketing firm in the United States – and we’ve never been in a better place than now to make that dream a reality.

Meet the New Yorkers

Our existing offices in Seattle and LA met a couple fresh faces over the last weeks – incredibly talented individuals who were hand-picked for their ability to plant a flag and build a base.

Aileen Liao: An experienced cross-cultural strategist with a proven track record serving brands from Microsoft to P&G, Aileen brings her tremendous experience as our NY Office lead and an account supervisor. She’s also a self-described “jazz/cowboy music historyphile” – you can’t imagine what the office sounds like.

Joyce Guo: Having just graduated from the Zicklin School of Business and with 4 years’ worth of internships at agencies and startups, Joyce brings a fresh perspective and tons of energy as an account coordinator. Growing up in New York and Guangzhou, China, she’s another great example of our team’s inborn multicultural knowledge.

Anthea Huang: Recently graduated from Hunter College with an English degree, Anthea works as an account intern to make sure our NY office stays classy and sassy. Born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, Anthea grew up amidst a wealth of Chinese, American, and Hispanic culture. Her multicultural outreach and her enthusiasm are endless.


When you say “we’re in New York,” there’s often a big difference between the New York everyone’s imagining and the little neighborhood you’re in. We’re happy to say that with TDW+Co, that is not the case. We’re in Herald Square, smack dab in the center of Midtown and near Times Square, Grand Central Station, 5th Avenue’s Macy’s and everything else. Plus, it’s right next to New York’s thriving Korea Town, a big multicultural plus for us!

Explore the New Digs

Well enough talking about it, check it out! Efficient and centrally located, it’s the perfect launch pad for our New York efforts and for hosting some other traveling team.

What We Already Do Out East

All this isn’t to say we’ve only just made our first step on the East Coast. We’ve had a presence with alternating team members in New York for a couple years, handling executions of some of our biggest campaigns and events. One recent noteworthy example is KCON NY, where for several years we have helped a major telecom brand connect with American fans of K-Pop, K-Rock and all things Korean. With our new office, we can keep more team members on site for executions like this and even bigger.

Where to Next?

It’s too early to talk about even more offices, but you can bet that we’ll be taking on Madison Avenue one agency at a time until we have an office that rivals the scope of our Seattle headquarters.

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