Our New Mission, Vision, and Values

By January 29, 2016 May 18th, 2017 About Us, News

At TDW+Co’s 2016 annual retreat, we celebrated a successful year and a lot of big changes. First and foremost, we rebranded to TDW+Co from T.D. Wang Advertising Group. We moved both our Seattle and our LA offices to bigger locations in each city’s downtown area, and opened our New York office too. We grew size and revenue, and worked with major clients to produce award-winning work. Any agency would be proud.

But our agency isn’t just about the “what”—it’s also about the “why” and “how.” With a growing reach and more at stake than ever, we had to redefine just what we’re trying to accomplish, why we provide our service, and what each of our team members should value to make it all happen. More than 11 years into our company’s existence, it was time for change.

We’re on a Global Mission

Our old mission statement was “To be the premiere multicultural marketing firm in the United States.” It was a perfectly noble goal, with plenty of room to grow. Yet, we still found it too restrictive in some ways, and too broad in other ways.

Our mission is now to “Create meaningful dialogue that inspires communities to make the world a better place, one person at a time.”

The difference? It’s not just about us anymore. Nor is it just about the USA. With brands that target a global audience in our roster, and a team filled with people who are either multicultural Americans or weren’t even born stateside, we have the power and the responsibility to make an impact on communities around the world. It’s a larger-than-life mission, but that’s the point.

The second part of this goal is to make the world a better place. This helps focus the mission even as the geographic scope grows larger. During the retreat, we had an exercise where our entire team split into several small groups and judged whether we should pursue various mock opportunities based on the new mission, vision, and values. We came to near-identical conclusions.

That’s the power of a strong mission statement.

A Vision of Good Things to Come

Our new vision statement is “To be at the forefront of global perspectives and drive positive impact for everyone, every day.”

While the mission statement helps us define our targets, our vision statement expands it out into the future. What does it mean?

We strive to be an agency that national and global brands can rely on to bring their message and offerings to the world. We want to do so in a way that is effective and viewed positively wherever we take them. To act as a satellite, beaming them into relevant communities in a culturally-relevant way. To help brands make things better anywhere they want to be.

It’s a vision that we found we could meet coast-to-coast in the USA for American brands. If mankind’s sight is to exceed its reach, and its reach is to exceed its grasp, then we had to look further away to keep our arms outstretched to the future.

That’s the drive a strong vision statement provides.

Valuable Thoughts

Rounding out our revised company culture are these core values:

  • Act responsibly
  • Support one another
  • Foster diversity
  • Challenge convention
  • Create value
  • Learn continuously
  • Be authentic

These values extend from the way we conduct ourselves in the office to the opportunities we pursue to the challenges we help our clients overcome.

If you want to learn more about what it’s like to work for us or work with us, you can read about our culture or contact us today!