Counting Everyone Once, Only Once, and in the Right Place


Asian Americans had the lowest level of awareness and knowledge about what the Census is and why it’s important to participate – the 2020 Census campaign presented the decennial opportunity to count everyone once only once, and in the right place.


With our mission to get a full and complete Asian American count, we delivered on the largest and most comprehensive Asian American communications and advertising campaign in history. We developed and produced creative in 17 languages; engaged in media planning/buying and PR across 30+ markets. We also established strategic partnerships with community organization, leaders, stakeholders and people of influence to optimize our campaign, holistically.

Below is a partial sampling of our work.


By surpassing our self-response goals, we lessen the potential undercount of diverse and hard-to-reach communities, directly affecting the annual $1.5 trillion in public funding allocation; cultural and government representation; and benchmark population data that our government will be measuring against for the next 10 years.

Client: U.S. Census Bureau

Campaign: 2020 Census

Scope: Official National Agency of Record, Asian American Community