What better way to commemorate Black History Month than looking to the future, honoring the black youth who want to make the world a better place? This was what we proposed to the Pacific Gas and Electric Company, which wanted to create a quick outreach campaign for Black History Month 2016. Leveraging our insight that Black History Month doesn’t always have to be about looking to the past, we developed a essay contest for high schoolers in Fresno, Oakland, and Sacramento. The goal of the contest was to connect the communities through authentic storytelling and positively impact perception of PG&E as a brand. We partnered with community organizations, high schools, and civic institutions to spread the award about the contest, as well as traditional and social media. The winner, Oakland junior Christian Kinnick, was selected for his submission demonstrating his commitment in cleaning up one of his neighborhood parks day after day for a year. He was rewarded by being the subject of a “day in the life” video and received technological prizes including Apple devices and gift cards at a ceremony at his school. The campaign, which was incredibly well received by the community, did exactly what PG&E wanted it to do, and set the stage for future projects like this.