TDW+Co LA | Started From The Bottom Now We’re Here

By April 1, 2015 May 18th, 2017 About Us, News

Almost two years ago, the TDW+Co Los Angeles office started with humble beginnings. There are fond memories of building up this office from scratch—days where we took meetings on the floor and assembled the furniture with our bare hands. Now, while we are well past those days and can confidently add Ikea Furnishing Experts to pad our resumes, that same hustle and spirit still remains the main anchor for our office.

We’ve grown from a one-man LA team to a fully-fledged digital agency housing a team of eight members–technically, that’s an 800% growth. But while we’re still expanding rapidly, there’s this undeniable energy that helps us vibe with each other, our clients, and gives us the finesse to roll with the punches. It’s because of that synergy and pack-like mentality that we’ve been able to completely take over and own everything from experiential events, some of which are contenders to win large advertising awards, multi-channel national campaigns, large-scale digital and social media strategies… and the list just keeps growing.

As we keep moving along this trajectory, we wanted to take the time to track our growth in this little animated .gif for your enjoyment, but mostly to remind us of where we started and how far we’ve come. Note that we’re all wearing black because we are pretty badass and people in LA love wearing all black under the scorching sun.