We Don’t Fight Colds; We Crush Them

By October 11, 2013 May 18th, 2017 About Us, Health, Insights


Home remedy #1: hot coke with lemon and ginger.

It’s cold season, and here at T.D. Wang, we’re fighters, not lovers. We are all armed with old-country remedies and proverbs to reclaim our constitutions (because why waste a sick day on actually being sick?). Here are just a few.

Warning: T.D. WANG ADVERTISING GROUP, LLC is NOT RESPONSIBLE for any injury or loss of property to any person suffered while in the pursuit of Health, Wealth and Wisdom through our backwater home remedies. Experiment at your own risk.

1) Hot coke with lemon and ginger. An ancient, ancient remedy. For best results, use in combination with Chiptune beats.

2) “Vicks Vapor Rub has the reputation of being the end-all, cure-all in Hispanic culture. No one is sure why but anytime you get sick, the Vapor Rub is slathered on.”

3) Chinese Proverb: 以毒攻毒 (yi du gong du)
Fight poison with poison.
Office interpretation: It’s basically [a Chinese] excuse to eat whatever you want when you’re sick.

4) “If you have a bruise, the secret to fast recovery is a hard boiled egg! Just boil an egg, keep the shell on, put it in a towel, and then roll over your bruise. Turns out the heat and the rolling motion relieve pain and help improves blood circulation, which reduces blood clots in the bruise. #momsarealwaysright”

5) Last but not least, Alejandro’s mom’s recommended Colombian remedial herb: Arnica. Lmgtfy.