What is “¡Vámonos!”?

By July 28, 2015 About Us, Education

You may have noticed that the name of the blog you’re currently reading is “¡Vámonos!” You probably realize that the upside-down exclamation point makes this a Spanish word, and you’d be right. As a cross-cultural agency, you know it only makes sense that we’d like to pepper in bits of the various cultures that make up our different teams. The questions remain – why this particular word, why this particular language, and why for our blog?

What Does “¡Vámonos!” Mean?

“¡Vámonos!” is a reflexive imperative in Spanish that combines vamos (come on) and nos (us). Yes, we sometimes let grammar nerds work on our blog. Reflexive means it includes the speaker, imperative means that it is a verb form, either a request or command that can begin a sentence or work as a single-word sentence. Think “duck!” or “run!”

“¡Vámonos!” is translated as “Let’s go!” – an invitation as much as it is a command, and filled with enthusiasm.

So…Why Do We Call Your Blog “¡Vámonos!”?

For starters…just listen to the sound! It’s a strong, smooth, and short. It’s just rolls off your tongue when you say it. Aside from its auditory qualities, as a Spanish word it highlights our capabilities for transcreation in the Hispanic and Latino American market – one of our multicultural specialties.

However, what’s most important is what the word means to us. “Let’s Go!” It’s an invitation into our agency, our values, and our world. Though the topics of ¡Vámonos! vary from coverage of awards we’ve won to fun bits about our office culture to any other little thing, the theme is always the same. We welcome anyone and everyone to learn more about the people who make this agency what it is.

Bringing the Spirit of ¡Vámonos! to Our Work

The can-do attitude of vámonos goes beyond our blog. Every client, project and RFP gets the same treatment. Our team sees the task in front of them, small or large, and says “¡Vámonos!” Those three syllables are used for the early mornings, the late nights, the weekend push, and the proposal that comes in at the 11th hour. Saying “we can’t” is a va-no-nos at this agency.

Living ¡Vámonos! Lives


Sometimes, life’s challenges involve Ninja Escape


Something isn’t truly a value if you only express it within your office between 9 and 5…or 8 and 8 like we do at TDW+Co. To live this lifestyle, it means saying “yes” to new adventures, always being open to learning, and facing life’s challenges together with a big smile. Even outside of the office, we’re like a big family, and from fun activities like a night of karaoke to chores like picking someone up from the airport, we’re always there for each other.

¡Vámonos! Venti


The famous morning coffee run itself, with the man who made it our tradition


We talk the talk, and walk the walk – Veni, vidi, vámonos! We love having a unique and positive core value like this. However, the true origin of vámonos, and the very reason it is part of our office culture now, comes down to some roasted beans. Every morning around 9:30 when the last stragglers would make it in, account manager and resident ambassador for Colombian culture, Alejandro Paredes, would make his rounds. “Hey, vámonos, vámonos, coffee time!” Eventually, it stuck – now it’s the official code word for making a coffee run in the morning. Vámonos is our cure for a rough morning start.